Inspired by the origami art, we developed the roll holder housing with one piece of stainless sheet metal. Looks simple, and graceful.

These roll dispensers can be used for both storage and cutting of clear-view packaging materials on rolls with a maximum diameter of approx. 220 mm. They are available in four different lengths, for wall or tabletop use. The sliding-action knife is completely built into the housing to prevent injury. Extra cutting knives are available as spare parts.

origami roll holer, with cutter

Part Nr Description Size (L X W X H),mm
x Roller dispenser,0600 640 X 370 X 275
x Roller dispenser,0900 940 X 370 X 275
x Roller dispenser,1200 1240 X 370 X 275
x  Roller dispenser,1500 1540 X 370 X 275
x  Set holders for wall mounting  70 X 30 X 20
x  Cutting knife