Application: for dental washer-disinfectors and dental sterilizers, the size is accept customizing;

The off-the-shelf size: 305 (L) x 190 (W) x 30 (H)

Production description:


Customized design

 The design not only contributes to the utilization of different dental washer-disinfectors and sterilizers but also works with other equipment in the reprocessing flow.
Easy to clean and disinfect
The wire net design allows full inspection and sorting of the contained, thus increasing the efficiency of the reprocessing workflow. It also assures full water coverage of the instruments inside the washer-disinfector, as water can easily penetrate the wire net, even on the sides of the tray. With this design, the utilization of the wash rack is optimal, as trays can be loaded close together, side by side.
Self-drying after disinfection with hot water
The wire net design promotes easy drying, as water does not remain on horizontal surfaces. An electrolyte-polished surface adds a second advantage as water drops runs off even easier, thus making the tray self-drying after disinfection with hot water (min. +85°C). Circulating air can easily reach every part of the tray and the instruments included. as sides and bottom are designed as a wire net.
Precision manufacturing – safe operation
The tray is designed as a stainless steel wire net, with a maximum square opening of 3.5 mm. The wire diameter is 1.5 mm. This gives optimum cleaning results while preventing instruments from penetrating the sides of the tray.