• Easy to clean and disinfect in a washer-disinfector;
  • Self-drying after disinfection in hot water  (min.+85°C) ;
  • Modular design with standard ISO sizes;
  • Nestable and stackable by turning 180°;
Modular wire baskets for sterilizing / processing as well as easy handling and management of the supply, storage and distribution of re-circulated sterilized goods.
By turning the baskets 180°, they are both stackable and nestable. This minimizes the volume at work areas, the storage space needed for empty baskets and the number of washer-disinfectors required.
The top frame is designed as a handgrip for easy carrying even when heavily loaded. To eliminate the risk of user injury, there are no sharp edges or wires. Smooth surfaces assure easy cleaning and disinfection in a washer-disinfec-tor. The baskets are self-drying after hot-water disinfection at min. 85°C.
The baskets are made of electro-polished stainless steel and have a rigid bottom frame that gives space for airing between goods and work surfaces and allows use on roller, belt and chain conveyors.
Designed and manufactured in accordance with high quality specifications to assure a long lifetime.
 8651201143  ISO  WIRE BASKET, HIGH  600 X 400 X 200  SUS304
 X  ISO  WIRE BASKET, MIDDLE  600 X 400 X 150  SUS304
 8651201144  ISO  WIRE BASKET, LOW  600 X 400 X 100  SUS304